Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Regarding the new anti-illegal immigration law: Is boycotting Arizona really anything more than political posturing?”

Actually, it makes political posturing seem statesmanlike in comparison.  Just curious: Are the inmates in the private prisons owned by a non-Arizona based company being bussed to Scottsdale Friday and Saturday nights to hit the swanky bars, restaurants and malls in order to stimulate the Grand Canyon State’s economy?

Arizona?  Their response will be that California politicians should concentrate on governing California  — which ain’t doing that great these days…

Pandering and abuse of principle is what the boycotts really are. Arizona’s law is evenhanded. And 70 percent of its citizens are for curing the federal lawlessness. Good for Arizona!

Nope.  Just posturing.  But posturing has its place.  Political leadership, sometimes also known as posturing, is needed to counterbalance the racist policy adopted in AZ.

No, it’s not just posturing. It’s also grandstanding.

Yes, it will kill the tourist trade. A completely bone-headed move on Arizona’s part. But the new law will be thrown out by the courts, just like Prop. 187.

Pathetic political posturing! Why boycott a neighbor that is simply implementing Federal law in an effort to protect jobs during a major recession?

I’m just glad Arizona woke up Congress to the fact something must be done about immigration reform.

The only thing Republicans seem to understand is money. So when they pass racist laws, what better way than to hit them in the pocketbook?

Nope: just political piling on, bandwagon knee-jerking by pols who act like they have nothing better to do and are thrilled the spotlight isn’t on their inaction.

Yes, but who cares.

Yes. This is one of the rare times that political posturing and righteousness come together like peanut butter and jelly.

Nope…all it’s gonna do is anger the majority of Americans and Californians who agree with the law.

It’s nothing more than an opportunity for a press conference — for politicians to get indignant, “morally outraged” as (John Vasconcellos used to say), and self-righteous.

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