Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Your thoughts on the debate? Who won, who lost – and does anybody care?”

We came. We watched. We needed a drink.

The choice would make even Thomas Hobson blush.

Jerry was loose and sometimes almost silly, while Meg gave Stepford-wife answers.  I can’t imagine that the debate changed anyone’s mind.

From the reviews it appears that I’m in the minority, but I thought it was riveting TV – a real study in contrasts.  Brown was loose, informed, and straightforward – he seemed like he was just being himself; Whitman was tense (the fake smile was uncomfortable to watch) and stuck to what were clearly canned talking points.  For those reasons alone, I’d say that Brown came across as the more trustworthy candidate, let alone this morning’s revelation that she fudged Oakland’s murder stats.  Brown 1, Whitman 0.

There was no clear winner. Whitman came off programmed, and Brown came off like he was overcaffeinated, as usual.  It boils down to whether you want your severe Aunt Meg or your crazy Uncle Jerry over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Jerry won the old, crazy, comedian and anti-CEO vote.  Whitman won the younger, women, uncomfortable-in-public and anti-union vote.  Not sure which is more of the electorate.

The Old Hack and the Battle Axe. It sounds like a cartoon from the ’50s. Weirdos like us care.

It was a draw. Whitman seemed nervous, Brown seemed a little bit scattered at times. I think people will watch debate #2 to see if things change. If it’s another draw, people will stop watching.

It was a draw, for those keeping score. I’m not a Democrat, but if I had to make a choice based on this debate, I’d vote for Brown. Whitman showed, if anything, that she doesn’t have a clue how Sacramento really works. The last thing California needs at this point is another governor with training wheels.

If the race is as close as Field and the PPIC say it is, then the debates are absolutely crucial. This debate didn’t sway anybody, but the fact that Meg didn’t get hit out of the box is to her advantage. Brown appeared in command, but somewhat disorganized, which fits him perfectly. The next two debates will tell the tale.

Easy. The most youthful, energetic and connective candidate – Jerry Brown – won. Meg Whitman and her handlers do care.

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