Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Regarding the state budget, should lawmakers and the governor wait on a bailout from Congress, or should they do the deed right now?”

Rome is burning…..Waiting on Congress shows a lack of fortitude to make the tough choices. Put the fiddle down and get to work, boys and girls!

Do the deed now. They’re always searching for some reason why they don’t have to make difficult decisions.

Oh, let’s wait a while longer. After all, we’ve come this far by embracing paralysis and lack of courage, why rush into something we might regret?

It would be classic for the do nothing California Legislature to wait around to have the do-nothing Congress save their bacon. Bring on a part time Legislature.

Our lawmakers and guv have proven what they’re not capable of: facing reality and cutting services and taxes. The so-called bailout will eventually turn us all out.

They need to do the Big Nasty, now. Any federal stimulus money will have to be used for programs and projects that won’t be built into the General Fund base, or the legislators and the guv will be compounding the problem, right Gray Davis?

This is nothing new. We always enact budgets containing federal revenues that we know full well aren’t coming.

They’ve been papering over the budget mess for years. The sooner the better for some significant deal irrespective of any federal cash.

Definitely — why not add the competence and leadership of Washington into the mix?

Act now. Never count on good news from Washington.

They should do the deed now. We’ve had powerful Californians in Congress for years. All it has gotten us is invitations to fundraisers. Waiting for Congress is a bailout from responsibility and common sense, a failout, if you will.

They should do their jobs right now and make a few hard decisions.

California residents, especially those hurt most by the recession, certainly deserve their share of any bailout and the help it would bring in terms of jobs and infrastructure improvements. But Obama better have some hefty strings attached given the state’s poor record of splurging and poor planning when good times were good.

They must do the deed now.

The only, ONLY responsible way to go is to do the budget now as if there is no federal stimulus. When/if we get funding, then use it to augment programs.

Now, but of course now could be long after the bail out in legislative time.

Andrew Acosta, A.G. Block, Mark Bogetich, Barry Brokaw, Morgan Crinklaw, J Dale Debber, Peter DeMarco, Jim Evans, Kathy Fairbanks, Jeff Fuller, Rex Frazier, Ken Gibson, Evan Goldberg, Deborah Gonzalez, Sandy Harrison, Bob Hertzberg, Jason Kinney, Mike Madrid, Nicole Mahrt, Steve Maviglio,  Adam Mendelsohn, Barbara O’Connor, Bill Packer, Kassy Perry, Jack Pitney, Adam Probolsky, Tony Quinn, Matt Rexroad, Matt Ross, Roger Salazar, Gabriel Sanchez, Dan Schnur, Will Shuck, Ralph Simoni, Sam Sorich, Ray Sotero, Garry South, Kevin Spillane, Rich Zeiger.

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