Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Bill Clinton supports Gavin Newsom for governor. What’s going on here?”

Simple: payback for Newsom’s early support of Hillary.

Clinton needs a wing man when cruising for chicks. He’s more likely to score some good intern tete-a-tete with Gavin than Jerry.

This is basic political math.  The Clintons love Gavin Newsom and hate Jerry Brown.  They see in Gavin someone who can work in partnership with them and the Obama Administration.  And they intend to leverage their unprecedented base of political and financial support here to put Gavin in the Governor’s office and remind California Democrats how Jerry Brown weakened the Party, then abandoned it, before he realized being an “anti-Democrat” was a road to political oblivion.  

Man-slut unity.

For Clinton it’s long memory payback time. After the primary he’ll endorse Brown. Really.

The big question is why and why now. They are not at all similar on policy or background. Must be payback for Hillary endorsement or consultant pushing or trying to make Diane Feinstein declare one way or another. Out of the blue comes to mind. Lots of that going on.

Clinton thinks Jerry Brown, given all of his negatives, can be taken out in a general by a massively financed Meg Whitman.  Plus, Brown ran a vicious campaign of non-ending personal attacks and character slurs against Clinton in the ‘92 presidential race — but Clinton beat him anyway, including here in CA.  Plus II, Clinton actually likes Newsom a lot.

Something about “birds of a feather “ comes to mind.  Having an affair with your best friend’s wife had to be very impressive to Clinton.

1) Hilary isn’t running for anything so Bill Clinton is now unleashed.  2) Clinton thinks Jerry Brown is an A-hole.  3) Does it really matter?

One philanderer supporting another?

Jerry Brown is not loved by all.  

In the 1992 presidential primaries, Jerry Brown bitterly attacked Bill Clinton, raising the issue of Whitewater, suggesting that he was pandering to racism, and even calling him “Slick Willie” in on-the-record interviews.  It’s payback time.

Overpaid Democratic consultants latching on to a guy they can control and soak over the unpredictable Jerry Brown who wouldn’t give California Strategies two seconds of his time.

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