Experts Expound

Experts Expound

No.  Too early to sink anything.

No.  She stayed on message when pressed for answers.

Oh, Meg, poor Meg. The media’s hung you in the closet and you’re feelin’ so sad. Is she over? Not yet, more to come.

Voters have high standards and want someone who has covered the basics…like being registered to vote and exercising that right. She will pay a price for this one.  

It doesn’t kill her, but it leaves a scar. She can still win, but she’ll be explaining this all the way through.

No. Her complete lack of understanding of policy and politics sinks her.

I find the chutzpah of these Richie-Riches amazing – “I know nothing about government and have never voted, but I have all the answers because I’m rich and people have been kissing my rich butt for years”.  Once she gets outside the cocoon of her overpaid staff she’ll get eaten for lunch.

On the contrary, Whitman is the perfect GOP candidate for governor. She can honestly say she has had little to do with efforts to fix the many complex financial, political and policy issues facing California.  When it comes to reading ballot pamphlets, her hands are clean!

What we have now is a privileged rich girl who grew up with disdain for the most fundamental aspect of our democracy – I don’t think the people will like that very much. This should help Campbell the most, since he can now more clearly distinguish himself from Poizner one on one.

If Gavin Newsom can sleep with his best friend’s wife and run, Meg Whitman can run. Can she win? Dylan: Money doesn’t talk, it screams.

While Meg Whitman is a bright, aggressive and successful business person, in the political arena she is a pathetic joke…..
Yes it does and it should.

Nope.  People decide how to vote with other things in mind.

Let’s see. Whitman wasn’t a registered voter until 2002. Poizner wasn’t a conservative until 2006.  If authenticity counts for anything, then maybe Campbell has a chance after all.

Yep, it sinks her with a giant blunder boulder tied to her political ankle. Her short gubernatorial-seeking bobbling is over – or would that be under?

It doesn’t sink her candidacy, just her credibility.

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