Experts Expound

“Who will be the next lieutenant governor?”

Sally Havice.  She is more than qualified and could do the job in her sleep.

If the guv wanted a smooth-sailing nomination, it would Bob Hertzberg; he’s smart, hard working and his nomination should easily pass both houses. It would also give Jerry Brown suitable pause.

Dave Cogdill: a good guy who deserves it.

Curt Pringle – he’s tanned, he’s rested, he’s ready.

Mr. Vacancy.

Maldonado. To give Maldonado a stage on which to campaign for the open primary.

Senator Dave Cogdill. He is the only one that people will trust not to run in 2010 if confirmed.

Really. Who cares? The selection of a new Finance Director is far more important.

Cogdill…his charisma makes him a natural fit for that big job. It’s also the path of least resistance, right Sam, Jeff, Dean and Alan?
Probably Abel Maldonado. Arnold owes him big time, and he didn’t lift a finger to help Maldonado in the ‘06 GOP controller primary.
I remember what happened when Deukmejian appointed Lungren as state treasurer. Wonder whether history will repeat itself or if an agreed-upon caretaker gets the nod.

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