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Experts Expound

“The governor says the feds have shortchanged California, and he wants the money. Is the governor just shifting the blame? Should legislative leaders go to Washington with the governor to plead for money?”

Of course he’s shifting the blame. The amount of money he’s demanding from the feds is less than the loss of revenue to the state due to his repeal of the vehicle license fee increase as his first macho act as governor.

The feds can actually print money, the California Legislature only thinks it can. Go beg.

Yes they should. We really aren’t getting our fair share of ARRA funds. Broadband at NTIA have announced none for California. We do have the major share of the leadership. It is not unreasonable to get our fair share. California is too big to fail in the same way as Wall Street.

California does send more money to DC than it gets back.  But contrary to what the governor suggests, that imbalance has little to do with inadequate representation or an anti-California bias.  The state is relatively affluent – median household income is $9,000 above the national figure – so the progressive federal income tax takes out a lot of revenue.  The state also has a smaller share of people over 65, so we get proportionately less in Social Security and Medicare.  The source of our fiscal problems lies mainly in Sacramento, not Washington.

Arnold should spend more time at the Capitol in Sacramento, not the one in Washington, D.C. Blaming the Congressional delegation was a political ploy. He’s got a daunting task ahead of him with no easy choices. It’s time he get down to business.

We should disguise ourselves as AIG execs or Wall Street bankers, then $6 billion or $7 billion would seem like chump change.
California is everyone else’s ATM card – now we need a withdrawl!

The feds have never paid their fare share of costs associated with illegal immigration — and won’t likely do it this year, either. But Arnold needs a chaperone in Washington. Given his recent pissing match with the state’s congressional delegation, somebody needs to hold the other end of the leash.

This is the same old play. Nothing ever comes of it. Cut spending — that is the answer.

It didn’t work years ago when Pete Wilson ran the exact same plan up the flagpole with a Republican in the White House. Let’s just put those illegal inmates on buses and start shipping them south.

Blaming someone else for YOUR problem? Why that has NEVER been done before. They should all go to DC and form a circular firing squad with the CA delegation (just speaking tongue in cheek, of course!).

First, the question assumes facts not in evidence: That the legislative leaders have mettle or for that matter are principled enough to act in the best interest of the people of California, rather than the unions and other special interests that prop them up. Second, they should ask our Congresspersons to vote against the healthcare bill.

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