Dining Out: Happy Go Lucky Veggie Cuisine

Who says fast food can’t be healthy?  Stuart Campbell and Stephanie Allen own and operate a vegan lunch cart, Happy Go Lucky Veggie Cuisine, on the corner of 8th and I streets in downtown Sacramento. These fresh faces serve up vegan, earth friendly cuisine under a big green umbrella five days a week.  

I got what could easily become a lunchtime staple, teriyaki soy chicken, rice and vegetables ($6.50). Served with a smile and in a compostable container, the dish contained brown rice, broccoli, onions, carrots, green beans, zucchini, and teriyaki marinated soy chicken.  

I preferred the brown rice to traditional white-rice teriyaki as it lent a nuttier, earthier flavor to the dish. Everything was tender and flavorful, a tangy teriyaki experience safe for picky eaters yet still suitable for a bolder crowd. The flavor is a bit different and I would say better overall than your standard chicken teriyaki.  

For those of you who are afraid of soy, don’t be. While their soy chicken is obviously not real chicken, its definitely one of the better renditions and is non GMO.  This is something both vegans and omnivores can enjoy.

The food comes from Au Lac Veggie Cafe, located on Stockton Blvd. and 10th Avenue and is brought fresh to the cart daily.  
Happy Go Lucky Veggie Cuisine has an entrée of the day in addition to their teriyaki bowls. Campbell’s personal favorite menu item would have to be the Basil Eggplant, served on Thursday this week.  

Not only is it healthy, but Happy Go Lucky Veggie Cuisine serves up higher quality food than you’d find at a fast food chain and remains convenient. Low prices and gourmet food is a combination that can’t be beat.

The pair maintains a commitment to eating clean as well as a clean environment. Everything from the containers the food is served in, to the forks, which are made out of potatoes, seem to be compostable.  

They are also very proud to serve Glacia Icebox water, pure spring water in a biodegradable recycled cardboard box that takes up less space when shipped to reduce its carbon footprint.  

High fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are avoided at all costs and they only carry beverages sweetened with natural cane sugar. 

Happy Go Lucky
Corner of 8th St. and I St.

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