Department of Corrections

A photograph on page 19 of the April 6 issue of Capitol Weekly was incorrectly identified as former state Sen. Jim Nielsen. The story reported that Nielsen lost in 1990 because of Democratic redistricting. Actually, the bounadaries were not redrawn until 1992.

An April 6 story, “Democrat Busby seeking upset in 50th District,” incorrectly reported that Kurt Bardella identified a Datamar poll as more accurate than other polls. Bardella, a spokesman for Republican candidate Brian Bilbray, actually was referring to a poll paid for by Francine Busby’s campaign and conducted by Lake Research, which showed Bilbray to be the leading Republican.

On April 6, Capitol Weekly reported that Sen. Tom McClintock had withdrawn a constitutional amendment regarding eminent domain. Actually, McClintock withdrew a proposed ballot initiative because of signature-gathering costs. His constitutional amendment, SCA 20, remains alive.

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