Capitol Weekly Podcast: Dan Walters looks at Brown’s legacy

Journalist Dan Walters. (Photo: Scott Duncan, Capitol Weekly)

Columnist and reporter Dan Walters has aggressively covered the career of Gov. Jerry Brown since 1975, first in the pages of the Sacramento Union, then the Sacramento Bee, and currently for CALmatters. Walters, a frequent critic of the quixotic governor, former Oakland mayor, state Democratic Party chair, radio talk show host and near-perennial presidential candidate, has had a unique vantage point on Brown’s many ups and downs — critically tracking his peripatetic career up close and in real time for over four decades.

As the 80-year-old Brown prepares to end an unprecedented, historic fourth term in what is likely his final elected office, Walters joined the podcast with Capitol Weekly’s John  Howard and Tim Foster to chat about Brown’s legacy — and a few other things as well.

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