Capitol Trivia

Capitol Trivia tests the memories of the seasoned Capitol hands and offers
newbies a chance to learn something about the dark underbelly of California
political history.

1. Where and when did the famous photograph of lobbyist Artie Samish
dangling the “Mr. Legislature” puppet appear?
2. One of the Capitol’s most effective lobbyists represented real-estate
interests for years. Who was he?
3. Who once hastily gaveled a Senate hearing to a close after a lobbyist
at the rear of the chamber, angry that a bill was about to die, drew his
finger across his throat?
4. What lobbyist for the California Medical Association was credited with
pushing through a universal-health-care bill, only to see voters reject it
just months later?
5. What lobbyist, who worked for the California Teachers Association,
later became the head of the NAACP in California?
6. What legislative advocate for the California Highway Patrol later
became the CHP commissioner?
7. What national event in 1972 led to the creation three years later of
California’s reform law, targeting lobbyists, elected officials and campaign
8. In the annals of California lobbying, what is the significance of “345
9. Which lobbyist was known by some reporters as t he “timberwolf”?
10. Which Sacramento lobbyist, himself the son of a prominent lobbyist,
later was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court?

1. Collier’s magazine, 1949. 2. Dugald “Dug” Gillies. 3. Sen. Ralph Dills.
4. The late Steve Thompson. 5. Alice Huffman. 6. Spike Helmick. 7. The
Watergate break-in. 8. It is the amount, $345,000, that Enron spent on
lobbying California lawmakers prior to the state’s electricity crisis. 9.
The Rev. Timberlake, who lobbied on behalf of traditional values. 10.
Anthony Kennedy, appointed by Ronald Reagan.

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