Capitol Trivia

1. Which Assemblyman’s toupee, and which bill, was Willie Brown referring to when he told reporters, “That bill’s as dead as the thing on his head?”
2. Who was known as the “Silver-Haired Fox of the Siskiyous?”
3. Who said, “This is the biggest disaster to strike California since I was elected governor”?
4. What was the address of Jerry Brown’s bachelor pad when he was governor?
5. What did Nancy Reagan describe as “a noisy firetrap”?
6. Who was known as “Mr. Landslide”?
7. What inspired the color scheme of the state Assembly and the state Senate?
8. Who was the only governor to engrave his name above the double doors to the governor’s Capitol office?
9. What is California’s official state song?

1. Poway Republican Jan Goldsmith’s ferret bill 2. The late Sen. Randy
Collier, the autocratic chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee and
a key player in the development of California’s freeway system. 3. Gov. Pat
Brown, on inspecting flooded Yuba County 4. 1400 N Street 5. The old
governor’s mansion on H Street 6. The late Assemblyman Chet Wray of
Westminster, a Democrat, who was elected with a 38-vote margin to his Orange
County seat. 7. The Assembly’s green is inspired by the House of Commons
and the Senate’s red comes from the House of Lords. 8. Arnold
Schwarzenegger 9. “I Love You, California” by F.B. Silverwood. It was
officially proclaimed the state song in 1988. Many people mistakenly believe
that “California, Here I Come” is the state song.

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