Big Daddy

Ask Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy,

You’re an expert on, uh, politics. Can Antonio Villaraigosa survive his affair and still become governor?

–Mirthless in Salinas

Dear Grumpy,

The real winner here is Rocky Delgadillo. His reign as most embarrassing L.A. Latino politician was so short that they brought in a team of theoretical physicists to measure it. And he bent the rules on behalf of his wife, that sweet romantic fool. Nothing says I love you like a hush-hush accident in a government car.

That said, unless it’s Paris Hilton, is anyone really going to notice who the governor is after Arnold? At the rate they’re going, newspapers are no longer going to be content to fire their own employees and are going to start assassinating reporters for other news outlets. If Antonio has a tryst with a tree in the forest and there’s no paparazzi there to photograph the splinters

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