Big Daddy

Ask Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy,

To use the actions of a very few state workers to negatively stereotype the entire state workforce is wrong. For Capitol Weekly to do it is outrageous. You owe your readers an apology.

–J.J. Jelincic
president, California State Employees Association

Dear J.J.,

It’s true, sometimes I go too far. Do I really think most state workers are mired in sloth except when they’re selling Amway from their work laptops? Of course not. Most are solid and conscientious–and many gave up greater riches in the private sector in order to enter public service.

But I also know they’re not all perfect–because, in real life, I know state workers. True, my previous column delved into some negative stereotypes about state workers, but one of the major constituencies joking about state workers are

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