No. 77: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

77. Amy Brown

Lobbyist Amy Brown has long been a familiar, formidable presence in the Capitol. She still is. Her newly reconfigured firm, ARC Strategies, has more than three dozen clients, including Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, now led by Jodi Hicks (No. 37), her former partner at DiMare, Brown, Hicks and Kessler. Brown, a retirement and pension specialist, traveled the state constantly – at least she did in the pre-coronavirus era – conducting seminars on retirement issues and educating retirees and others about their options. These days we assume she’s in perennial Zoom meetings with her far-flung client base. She’s also handled workers compensation insurance issues — she served on the Commission on Health, Safety and Workers Compensation — and she helped draft major changes to the industry that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law.

Updated Aug. 11, 2020

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