A thumbnail sketch of the state workforce

There were more than 211,000 active, full-time state employees in California during the month of August, and the total gross wages for the period totaled $1.47 billion, according to the state controller’s office. The payroll figure includes part-time employees and others.

Controller John Chiang, in his monthly snapshot of the state workforce, said more than two-thirds of those receiving state payments – about 68 percent – deposited their funds electronically with their banks.

Chiang noted that more than $141 million in federal taxes and about $46 million in state taxes were withheld from paychecks or other payments.

Chiang describes the state workforce through a number of active categories, including full-time, and about 30,000 part-time, indeterminate and intermittent workers. There are a total of about 240,538 active state employees, he said.

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