No. 51: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

51. Steve Maviglio
Political strategist and consultant Steve Maviglio is a familiar name on the Top 100, and rightly so. He focuses on legislative projects and ballot campaigns – 25 of them in the past 15 years — for clients including AT&T, Tesla and Californians for Retirement Security. His work includes Propositions 53, 54, 65, and 67 in the 2016 election alone, and the Yes on 1 and No on 45 efforts in 2014. Last year, he led successful efforts to keep proposals off the ballot that would shift funds from the High Speed Rail project to dams, and to split California into six states. He served as deputy chief of staff to two Assembly speakers, Fabian Núñez and Karen Bass, and was communications consultant for a third, Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez. Before joining the Legislature, Maviglio was press secretary and communications director for Gov. Gray Davis. Maviglio, who also served as executive director for the House Democratic Caucus under the late Rep. Vic Fazio, started out in New Hampshire, where he was a three-term member of that state’s House.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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