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The Skinny: Delaine Eastin announces for Gov.

Former Assemblymember (1986-1994) and former Superintendent of Public Instruction (1995-2003) Delaine Eastin officially launched her campaign for governor today.  Eastin, a Bay Area Democrat, began her political career in 1980 as a city councillor for Union City, and later represented parts of Alameda and Santa Clara counties before becoming head of Public Instruction.   Eastin is the first high profile woman to announce for the 2018 race, and if elected, would be California’s first female governor.

  • Benny B

    she has been out of office for a long time, has no money and no base of support beyond being the only girl in the race. lets see how well that works.

    • Katherine Welch

      More misogyny…I think it’s great news she is not a career politician and is focused on people and policy instead of $$$

  • Katherine Welch

    Eastin is by far the most qualified person in the race, regardless of gender. It would be a blessing for children, public education and California. And, personally, I LOVE that she is not a career politician!

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