No. 76: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

76. Paula Treat

Paula Treat became a lobbyist in 1977, and later she was one of the first women to own a contract lobbying firm, which she’s run for more than three decades. She’s had more than 100 A-List clients over the years, and her current client roster includes the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Mission Indians and Tesla. Treat, who once won the Barracuda Award from lawmakers as the “Toughest Lobbyist to Say No To” (an award we can personally say is well-deserved), started out in D.C. after graduating from UC Berkeley in communications and PR. Her clients have included prison officers (CCPOA), doctors (CMA), cigar sellers (Premium Cigar Retailers), the Consul General of Japan In San Francisco, Marriott Corp., AT&T, San Francisco tugboats, Johnson & Johnson, Uber, eye doctors and surgeons, among many, many others. Treat has built broad coalitions and, remarkably, is a bi-partisan lobbyist: She has been active in Democratic and Republican politics since the 1970s, serving at the DNC and RNC convention levels, including the 2008 Obama Platform Committee.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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