No. 92: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustrations by Chris Shary

92. McNally-Temple

Ray McNally and Richard Temple, the principals in Sacramento campaign consultants McNally-Temple Associates, sport two of the most ferocious mustaches in Golden State politics (perhaps bested only by Michael Picker, No. 54). They are also ferocious on behalf of a long list of clients. They have produced more than one hundred million pieces of direct mail, hundreds of television commercials and elected hundreds of candidates to offices ranging from locals up to the White House (President George W. Bush was a client). Recently, they have been allied with Charles Munger Jr. (see No. 19), a major bankroller of Republican causes. McNally works on graphic design and presentation. Temple works on polling analysis and survey research. Both are involved in strategic campaign planning. Both worked as legislative staffers; McNally founded the firm in 1980, Temple joined in 1990. McNally previously studied playwriting at UC Davis, and we suspect he still has the theater bug – MTA recently produced a trailer for “Chessman” — a new play about the Caryl Chessman case, written by political consultant Joe Rodota.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017


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