No. 43: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

43. Jason Kinney

Jason Kinney makes it his business to know what’s going on in the Capitol and California’s political world, and he succeeds. He is part of California Strategies, a large, loose-knit communications and lobbying firm founded by Bob White, Pete Wilson’s former chief of staff. Through the summer, Kinney, devoted about half his time to Gavin Newsom’s gubernatorial campaign, and the rest of his time to an array of clients, corporate and political. An important client is AT&T, and Kinney provides them tender loving care. He is credited with helping to win more than 30 political and public affairs campaigns. He served as a key adviser and speechwriter for Gray Davis, and is credited with editing or writing 1,200 speeches, which might be some sort of Capitol record. We don’t remember any of them. Kinney began his political career at age 13, when he worked on his mother’s campaign for the state Senate — in Indiana.

Updated Aug. 15, 2o18

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