No. 68: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

No. 68 Fiona Hutton
If there’s a complex, controversial or high-profile issue in California, Fiona Hutton’s Los Angeles-based communications agency is all but certain to be on it. We first came across her influence in the world of water issues – definitely a hot topic, now — but there’s much, much more going on here: She’s involved in energy, land-use, health care, natural resources, legislative battles, regulatory challenges, ballot measures, litigation tete-a-tetes – you name it. Clearly, as we’ve noted before, it’s better to have her for you, than against you. Her firm also developed extensive digital media services and coalition-building tactics that have proven decisive for her clients, and Hutton’s reach spans the length the state. Full disclosure: Hutton is a member of the board of Open California, the nonprofit publisher of Capitol Weekly.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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