No. 37: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

37. Courtni Pugh

Courtni Pugh is a partner at Hilltop Public Solutions where she is senior political adviser to Senate Leader Kevin de León and leads a multitude of efforts for political and non-profit causes. Pugh, who is responsible first and foremost for protecting the state Senate’s Democratic majority, has been at the center of numerous political campaigns. Prior to joining Hilltop, Pugh served as executive director of SEIU Local 99, which represents 33,000 of the lowest-paid employees in the nation’s second-largest school district. In 2014, she helped lead negotiations for an increase in the minimum wage for Los Angeles Unified School District employees. Hailed as a significant victory in the nationwide “Fight for $15,” the wage increase capped Pugh’s career as the head of the local. In 2010, Pugh also helped run an independent expenditure campaign in support of Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial campaign and oversaw outreach to Hispanic voters through Cambiando California.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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