Video Roundup: Running down a dream

John Garamendi returns to the site of his greatest PR triumph – the Sacramento river, where he personally rescued two whales using super human powers – to make his YouTube pitchfor Congress.

Now, is it just us, or does Garamendi sometimes sound like Norm MacDonald?

Garamendi isn’t alone in this whole congressional race thing. Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan also jumped in the race yesterday. So, will it get nasty? Hey, Buchanan’s used to that. Here was one of the hit piecees Republicans ran against her last fall.

Meanwhile, Jerry Brown is suing Wells Fargo for A billion and a half thousand dollars!! in securities fraud. Hey, aren’t they based in Gavin’s city? We expect a Twitter response any minute.

Brown does go a little “Network” toward the end.   Campaign season must be getting close.

The A.G. will be at this weekend’s Democratic confab, but the party will be without one of it’s biggest stars. With some political fires on the homefront, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is staying down South while Democrats gather in Sacramento this weekend. Fox reports the mayor is threatening to lay off 2,800 employees if his budget is not adopted.

Now that the recent unpleasantness of the whole salaries broohaha is behind us, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass gets back to her regularly-scheduled programming.

And we admit, we had never seen this one before: check out what goes down at the 0:37 mark .

Republicans are going to Reno next week just to watch an economy die, or something like that.

Assemblyman Dan Logue explains why the Assembly Republicans are going to Nevada to talk jobs.

And finally, we’re embarrassed to admit that we watched this video all the way through, but we did. And we may be mistaken, but at the 1:38 mark, it sure looks like our First Lady is illegally driving while talking on her cell phone.

Can we place her under a retroactive Joe Simitian arrest?

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