Tom Campbell: Finish the job–Vote YES on 74, 75, 76, 77

On Nov. 8, voters have a clear decision to make: leave the job half done, or
finish what we’ve started by supporting Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to
reform and rebuild California.

The election of a new CEO was only the first step. Now we must all act to
ensure that we don’t end up in the same fiscal mess that led to our change
in Governor’s.

Four initiatives slated to appear on the special election ballot are key to
the governor’s reforms. Here’s what these important initiatives are about
and why they’re so important to getting California on the right track:
Proposition 74 changes from two years to five years the time before a
teacher gets tenure in our K-12 system. Our children deserve nothing but the
best to help them prepare for bright futures in whatever career path they

Proposition 75 allows public employee union members to decide for themselves
if money can be taken out of their paychecks to finance political

Proposition 76, my personal favorite, simply says California cannot continue
to spend more than it brings in. Just as a California family must live
within its means, so must the state.

Since the dot-com boom came to an end, our economic recovery has increased
state revenue by more than $12 billion per year, but we’ve increased state
spending by more than $23 billion dollars per year. Something here just
doesn’t add up. To support these out of control spending habits, the state
has been raiding special funds–most notably, the sales tax on gasoline that
should have been going to building and maintaining roads.

Under Proposition 76, when a serious crisis arises, the Legislature has 45
days to fix it. If they fail, then the Governor has the responsibility to
fix it. With the current system in place, we just let a bad situation get
worse by ignoring a fiscal crisis until the end of the year.

Proposition 77 prevents California politicians from selecting their
constituents by drawing their own state legislative or congressional seats.
Gerrymandered lines almost guarantee incumbents a safe seat. As evidence,
not a single seat changed political hands in the last election! Prop. 77
requires three retired state judges, no more than two of the same political
party, to unanimously agree to a redistricting plan that must eventually be
approved by the voters.

California and its citizens have a lot at stake this November. All of this
matters, whether you’re a fourth grader learning about California’s precious
missions, someone working hard to support a family or an employer providing

All four initiatives have a common goal: reform the way California state
government has been operating, so we can rebuild California in a fair and
business-like manner to ensure a future for all Californians.
Finish the job. Vote on November 8.

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