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A tale of tension at the Coastal Commission

Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, south of Carmel. (Photo: Tom Tietz)

For those attempting to oust Charles Lester, the executive director of the California Coastal Commission, the upcoming hearing is a referendum on his job performance. For the environmentalists who follow the commission, it’s a coup and an attempt to seize the upper hand in the power struggle between pro-development interests and an environmentalist staff that they believe has defined the commission since the reign of Peter Douglas.


A coastal tale: Why developers love farmers

The California coast along Redwood National Park, north Humboldt County, (Photo: Don Forthuber,

OPINION: It’s been a year since I resigned from the California Coastal Commission, and it’s time to tell a few stories of what I learned as a Coastal Commissioner. Each and every month I learned that not everything was how it seemed. My first lesson was learning that developers love farmers.


State should maintain Enterprise Zone program

The California economy is on the mend, and the state’s economic outlook is positive.  But we still have a long way to go to ensure that recovery takes hold in every community throughout the state.


This is especially true in rural and urban low-income neighborhoods, often communities of color, which continually struggle with double


Time to fix California’s enterprise zones

Enterprise zone hiring credits are supposed to help businesses, especially in disadvantaged areas, create jobs. Sounds good, right? The problem is research indicates the enterprise zone program falls woefully short of fulfilling its intended purpose.


The Public Policy Institute of California released a study in 2009 finding that enterprise zones have “no statistically significant


Jerry Brown vs. the locals — again

It’s Round 3 in Jerry Brown vs. the locals.


The governor’s efforts to reform California’s 29-year-old enterprise zone system, an ongoing tax-break program that encourages business investment and promotes new jobs in economically distressed areas of the state, is his latest attempt in a series of major moves targeting local businesses and governance.


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