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Nathan Click on Comms, the Senate race and ballot measures to watch

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: We are joined today by communications expert Nathan Click of Click Strategies. Click serves as a political advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom and led communications efforts in the Governor’s successful campaign against the Recall. With last week’s announcement that journalist Bob Salladay would be replacing Anthony York as Gov. Newsom’s Communications Director, we thought it was a great time to ask Click about what the job is like. Click also shared his thoughts on the Senate race, the effect of the early primary, and weighed in on Initiatives that are likely to be on November’s ballot, including a repeal of Prop. 8.


Some forms of ‘sports betting’ are allowed in California even after last year’s massive defeat at the ballot box

Digitized athletes, image by Marko Aliaksandr

Although two sports betting ballot measures went down in flames last year, some forms or derivatives of sports betting are not only legal in California, but at least one tribe with a casino is facilitating it. The key to understanding how this could be is to understand that “sports betting,” in the broadest sense, can take many different forms.


California must resist out-of-state sports betting operators

The sports bar at the Sunset Station Casino in Las Vegas. (Photo: Kit Leong, via Shutterstock)

OPINION: This year, California voters could be asked to decide among multiple options for legalizing sports wagering. As tribal leaders who have honored decades of trust created with California voters, it’s important for voters to understand what’s at stake.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Richard Schuetz on sports betting

Many people in politics have led colorful lives, but Richard Schuetz has most of them beat. He began working in casinos as a dealer while still in college, and has since held senior positions in gaming establishments across the country, notably in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

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