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Passing ‘grave disability’ reform was hard – getting counties to implement it has been harder

Image by Laura Faraci, Shutterstock

Long ignored or blocked by local officials and confusing laws – while tacitly expected to provide care for severely mentally ill relatives – families are mobilizing in growing numbers, exerting major influence over state legislation and public policy, and protesting county resistance to strong new laws mandating intervention, care and treatment.


A blitzkrieg reborn: Weaponizing cyberspace

A photo illustration of an cyber attacker on the internet. (Photo: Alexander Geiger, via Shutterstock

OPINION: Germany never accepted defeat in World War I, and it used the next 22 years to re-imagine the internal-combustion engine into a series of devastating weapons, and then to deploy those weapons in combinations never before seen on the field of battle. At the same time, its leaders undermined domestic democratic institutions to solidify its power. Their motive was simple: revenge. I fear a similar dynamic is at play in 2019.

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