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Capitol Weekly Podcast: Paula Treat

Paula Treat, the grande dame of Sacramento contract lobbyists, has had a wide range of clients including Tesla, Uber, CCPOA, the California Medical Association, the California Lottery and several Indian tribes, over her four decade career.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: New Hampshire preview, with Steve Maviglio

In the wake of the Iowa Caucus debacle, the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire Primary takes on added significance in a presidential primary race that appears to have blown wide open. Veteran California political consultant Steve Maviglio is from the Granite State – and served in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: ‘Kabatalks’ and AB 5

Brian and John Kabateck

Another Kabatalks  episode of Capitol Weekly’s pod, wherein two brothers working opposite sides of the political spectrum discuss issues of the day. John Kabateck is a lifelong Republican and longtime spokesperson for the National Federation of Independent Businesses in California. Brian Kabateck is a lifelong Democrat and the former head of the Consumer Attorneys of  California.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Kabatalks!

Brian and John Kabateck

Brian and John Kabateck visit the podcast to answer the question on everyone’s lips: what is Thanksgiving like for two brothers who are on opposing sides of nearly every political fight in the state? John Kabateck is a lifelong Republican and longtime spokesperson for the NFIB; Brian Kabateck is a lifelong Democrat and the former head of the Consumer Attorneys Association.


CW Podcast: Bob Wieckowski on PG&E’s bankruptcy peril

State Sen. Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, who represents the 10th Senate District.(Senate photo)

State Sen. Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, is more than just the senator representing California’s 10th Senate District. He’s also a bankruptcy lawyer, giving him an unusual insight into Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s recent bankruptcy declaration.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Jim Cooper

Assemblyman Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, speaks to a reporter at a news conference announcing the capture of a suspect in the East Area Rapist case. (Photo: Tim Foster

Assemblyman Jim Cooper was on hand at Wednesday’s press conference announcing the capture of a suspect in the notorious East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker/Golden State Killer case had been arrested. Cooper, a 30-year veteran and former captain of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, sat down with Capitol Weekly’s John Howard and Tim Foster to chat about the crucial role of DNA collection in the solution of this and other cold-case crimes.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Kevin Eckery

An early law enforcement rendering of the Unabomber, based on the description of a witness.

Twenty two years ago this week, federal authorities arrested Ted Kaczynski — known as the Unabomber — in his remote cabin near Lincoln, Montana, ending a 17-year reign of terror. While the Unabomber had no strong ties to the Sacramento region, both his first and final murders occurred here. It was in 1995 that Kaczynski, a Harvard-trained mathematician and forest recluse, claimed his final victim, Sacramento timber lobbyist Gil Murray.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Joe Rodota

The Watergate complex in Washington D.C

Political consultant-turned-author Joe Rodota joins the Capitol Weekly Podcast to talk about his new book: The Watergate – Inside America’s Most Infamous Address. The story of the Watergate break-in has been well-told, but in this “biography of a building,” Rodota weaves a fascinating history that includes more than just the events of June 17, 1972.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Wayne Johnson

Political consultant Wayne Johnson. (Photo: Tim Foster, Capitol Weekly)

Veteran political consultant Wayne Johnson, who has handled well over 200 campaigns in California, the U.S. and across the world, joins the Podcast this week to chat about politics and technology with Capitol Weekly’s John Howard and Tim Foster. Johnson, who handles mostly GOP candidates, is busy this year: He is working on Republican businessman John Cox’s gubernatorial campaign, which got a boost moments before we recorded the show when former Congressman Doug Ose abruptly exited the race.


Capitol Weekly podcast: Paul Mitchell

iIllustration: "The Great Wave of Kanagawa," Katsushika Hokusai, circa 1829-1833

Will California catch the wave? In fact, is there a wave at all? Political Data whiz Paul Mitchell joins the Capitol Weekly podcast to talk about last week’s results in Virginia and elsewhere and what they portend for California in 2018.

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