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Call to legalize SF sex work going nowhere fast

Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald via Shutterstock

It’s been three months since San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen urged state lawmakers in a proposed resolution to legalize sex work in California. “It is time to recognize this and move towards decriminalization and ultimately legalization and regulation of sex work,” she says.


New CA law removes crime of loitering to commit prostitution

Photo illustration of a person loitering late at night on a deserted street. (Image: M-Production, via Shutterstock)

Roxanne is used to being harassed by the police. A trans woman, Roxanne – who uses only her first name – is an attorney. She owns two homes in San Jose about a mile apart and regularly walks from one to the other. Years ago, while exercising, she was arrested across the street from one of her homes, she said.

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