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Capitol Weekly’s Top 10 Capitol power couples

The Capitol's Top power couple: Ann Patterson and Nathan Barankin.

In just a few months, Capitol Weekly will unveil its 16th annual Top 100 list recognizing the most influential members of the Capitol community. As we began researching this year’s list, however, we realized that in all our years of the Top 100 we’ve overlooked a critical dynamic of Capitol clout: the Capitol power couple whose combined prominence and rolodex is greater than the sum of their parts. To rectify that, today we publish our first ever Capitol Weekly Top 10 Power Couples, along with three up-and-coming pairs to keep your eyes on.

Experts Expound

Experts Expound: The future of Prop 47

California's lady justice, image by BreizhAtao

Everyone is talking about Proposition 47 this year. So with that in mind, it’s time for our panel of experts to weigh in. The question: Californians are fed up with crime, and – correctly or not – Proposition 47 is getting much of the blame. Will either lawmakers or voters eventually make substantive changes to this law? 


Years later, the Capitol Annex Project continues to grow more expensive AND dangerous

Image by cmshepard

OPINION – The proposed design of the building to replace the historic (now demolished) Capitol Annex is an all-glass façade that is not just historically incompatible, but a dangerous compromise of security, especially for the children and visitors who frequent the Capitol grounds. As someone who knows a thing or two about buildings and calls California home, I’m seriously worried.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars: Julie Cravotto, COS to Assemblymember Dawn Addis

Julie Cravatto, photo by Scott Duncan Photography

Julie Cravotto, Chief of Staff to Assemblymember Dawn Addis (D-San Luis Obispo), originally thought she would pursue a career in the public health field, but that ambition quickly came to a halt when she was assigned to a cadaver lab in high school as part of a medical school preparation program. Nonetheless, she learned the invaluable lesson that there are various avenues to serve people in this world besides attending to cadavers.


Signing AB 1167 will cement Gavin Newsom’s climate leadership status

Image by Nicole Glass Photography

OPINION – When Gov. Newsom announced last week that California was suing five major oil companies and an industry trade group for alleged climate damages, he sent an unmistakable message to businesses that pollute our environment: You can no longer wreck our climate or damage public health for profit with impunity, and you will have to pay for the damage you cause.


The Micheli Files: Is there a difference between intent and policy statements in statutes?

Public policy, image by AlexLMX

ANALYSIS – Readers of bills and statutes will regularly come across statements of legislative intent, such as paragraphs that usually begin with either “It is the intent of the Legislature to …” or “The Legislature finds and declares that …” On other occasions, readers may come across statements that “it is the policy of the state.” Both are expressed opinions or state desires of the Legislature.

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