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CPUC’s undergrounding limit will make housing shortage worse

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OPINION – As Californians grapple with a seemingly insurmountable housing shortage, we cannot ignore the related urgent need to address the growing risk of devastating wildfires. The California Building Industry Association (CBIA) firmly believes that tackling wildfire risks head-on is a vital step towards finding solutions to our housing crisis.


California needs more community solar. A lot more.

Solar farm in Napa, CA. Image by Noah Sauve

OPINION – California’s utility regulator has an opportunity to tackle housing costs and energy affordability challenges all while enhancing the state’s leading efforts at addressing climate change. California must take all necessary steps to expedite that access by adopting strong community solar plus storage program design.


California’s EV mandate will affect commercial real estate owners too

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In order for California to reach the lofty goal of 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales in only 12 more years, it’s estimated more than 1 million new charging stations will need to be brought online, necessitating some serious, physical changes to scores of gas stations, mini-marts, convenience stores and even apartment buildings up and down the state.


#CAHOUSING: Office to Housing Conversion

Left to right: Ashley Zavala, moderator; Danny Curtin, Jeffrey Roth, Laura Foote and Dan Dunmoyer. Photo by Scott Duncan, Capitol Weekly

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: This Special Episode of the Capitol Weekly Podcast was recorded live at Capitol Weekly’s Conference on Housing, and presents Panel 1: Office to Housing Conversion.

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