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A vote of “no confidence” for EV charging companies as automakers pave their own road

EV charging network, image by rawf8

OPINION – California is the “lab” for so many programs designed to fight climate change with other states and countries eagerly watching, ready to replicate our work. This is why the state needs to hit the reset button and ensure our EV charging networks are serving both our climate goals and the expectations of California drivers.


Rising Stars: Lucia Saldivar, Chief of Staff for Assemblymember Lisa Calderon

Lucia Saldivar, photo by Scott Duncan Photography

Growing up in San Ysidro, just this side of the California-Mexico border, Lucia Saldivar thought she was going to be a musician, like her father. “Music always helped me make sense of the world and my community,” she says. “Then in high school, I learned a new language to help make sense of the world around me, and that was politics and policy.”

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