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Passing ‘grave disability’ reform was hard – getting counties to implement it has been harder

Image by Laura Faraci, Shutterstock

Long ignored or blocked by local officials and confusing laws – while tacitly expected to provide care for severely mentally ill relatives – families are mobilizing in growing numbers, exerting major influence over state legislation and public policy, and protesting county resistance to strong new laws mandating intervention, care and treatment.


Protecting Prop 22 helps protect democracy

The girl chooses a button with text Side Hustle on the touch screen

OPINION: California’s voters and courts have made clear that Prop 22 should be here to stay. Unfortunately, legal challenges have consistently put our record of innovation to the test.


Racial inequality and COVID-19 

The annual Black History Parade and Festival in Pasadena. (Photo: Jesse Watrous, via Shutterstock)

ANALYSIS: Both the New York Times and ProPublica have written about the impact of COVID-19, reporting that in states where Black communities make up only a relatively small portion of the population, nearly half — if not majority — of all COVID-19 deaths are members of the Black community.


Strawberry growers pick on UC

Strawberries California Strawberries in a Castroville, Calif., field

It’s all berry interesting: Strawberry growers are literally being cheated out of the fruits of their labors by the University of California, according to a lawsuit filed against the Board of Regents by the California Strawberry Commission. UC Davis is ending its strawberry breeding program and replacing it with a private company created by its two long-time strawberry researchers. (Photo: Dana Payne)

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