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We can’t protect our earth with Donald Trump in office

The forests of Humboldt County in northern California. (Photo: Ethan Daniels, via Shutterstock)

OPINION: Right now, families and communities are paying the price of having a president who refuses to believe in science and the advice of experts and has managed to prioritize the well-being of polluters and corporations over public health. This is all completely unprecedented.


A peek under the Capitol’s hood

State Capitol in Sacramento. (Photo: Shuttesrstock)

This is the final installment in a series of articles dealing with the procedural myths and realities of the California Legislature.


Vaccination effort, ‘religious exemption’ at odds

Regulations implementing a new California law aimed at reducing the number of unvaccinated youngsters attending school may do just the opposite. A 2012 bill, which took effect Jan. 1, requires parents seeking an exemption from vaccinations against diseases like measles and whooping cough, to first talk with a health care provider about the risks and benefits of vaccines.


Advice for a writer of government reports …

(Below are the novelist Elmore Leonard’s “rules” for writing. Despite being geared toward fiction, Leonard’s  rules — like most sound maxims — have universal application. They can be found in the 96-page Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing published in 2007.  —  Greg Lucas)

These are rules  I’ve picked up along the way to help me remain

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