Special Election: Web Resources

Several organizations and government agencies provide comprehensive,
nonpartisan information about propositions online.

Below are some of the sites offering information for the November 8th special election. — The California Voter Foundation publishes the California
Online Voter Guide, featuring news articles and top campaign contributors
for and against each measure, along with basic information about the voting
process, voting equipment, and how to contact county election offices. — A collaboration of the California State Library, the
Secretary of State and the League of Women Voters, this eight-page booklet
gives an easy-to-understand overview of each measure and pro/con arguments.
The guide is a great online resource, and also available as a handy printout
and in multiple languages. — Proposition pros and cons, as well as an in-depth analysis
of each measure, are just some of the great resources available on the
League of Women Voters’ site. — Produced by the League of Women Voters, this site
offers information on the numerous local races and measures around the state
that will be voted on Nov. 8. — The Secretary of State’s web
site features polling place lookups, the contents of the state ballot
pamphlet, and information on multilingual voter services. — Find out how much money is
being raised on the propositions, and who’s giving it at the Secretary of
State’s campaign disclosure site. — Edited by an experienced Capitol lobbyist, this site is the best place to look for the most recent contributions to proposition campaigns.

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