Slap & Tickle

Slap & Tickle
The best and worst of the week in California politics

SLAP The Angelides campaign–The entire handling of the taped-conversation
leak makes the campaign look, at best, disorganized and without a clear
chain of command.

SLAP Gov. Schwarzenegger–Didn’t you learn anything from Richard Nixon? And
the piling on from the campaign seems a bit over the top, n’est-ce pas?

SLAP Jack O’Connell–After the Ventura County Star quoted O’Connell declaring
his candidacy for governor in 2010, the SPI released a statement
“clarifying” his remarks. That’s French for backpedaling. We just wish
someone would leak us a recording of the angry phone call he got from Phil

TICKLE Mark Leno–Scores a plum with Assembly Appropriations. On the Senate
side, will Migden get the gavel back, or will Torlakson or Steinberg be
handed the job?

TICKLE The Los Angeles Times–Two of the Capitol’s best reporters, Bob
Salladay and Dan Morain, are given the task of building the paper’s blog.
Let’s see if print media prowess translates online.

SLAP Patricia Dunn–The now-former CEO of Hewlett Packard gets the ax as she
waits to be indicted on charges that she directed investigators to spy on
journalists and other HP board members.

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