Political Fortune: State Senator Joe Dunn

NAME: Joe Dunn
JOB: State Senator
DOB: September 5, 1958
PLACE: St Paul, Minnesota
SIGN: Virgo

Sen. Joe Dunn was born with the sun in Virgo and the Moon in Gemini, both
Mercury-ruled signs, indicating he’s a highly rational person. He solves
problems with analytical thinking and by gaining a firm grasp of all the
necessary details, especially since Mercury is not only his strongest planet
but is also harmoniously aspected. Sen. Dunn is hardly the typical Virgo
because he has three planets, including the powerful Mercury, in Leo, the
sign of leadership. This gives him organizational and leadership abilities.

Since his sun is in the ninth house–ruling law, politics, teaching, and
philosophy–he undoubtedly has made good career choices. He is a very
assertive individual, with Mercury in exact square to Mars and the Moon. As
the Moon and Mars are his only two inharmonious planets, he may be too
forceful at times or might have a bad temper. I, for one, would not like to
be around when he gets angry.

On the other hand, he has the ability to be unusually tactful and
diplomatic, important qualities for a politician, as Mercury is sextile to
Venus. He also has the ability to inspire others, with both Mercury and
Venus in Leo, and he is naturally popular (as Venus is sextile to Jupiter),
giving him the power to relate to people, especially in groups.

The key to his chart lies in his Leo planets in the eighth house of Scorpio
and the sun- and Mercury-conjunct Pluto, co-ruler of Scorpio. This indicates
someone with leadership ability that has the desire and capacity to delve
into the heart of a problem and solve it. He is a natural reformer,
especially as Mercury conjuncts Uranus in the eighth house, allowing him to
think independently rather than mindlessly follow the crowd. He is a liberal
in thought and action in this aspect (plus Venus conjunct Uranus), which
gives him the inclination to passionately seek constructive change.

His chart shows in many ways that he is an extremely hard worker with a
possible tendency to overwork. With an inwardly intense nature, he can cause
undue stress to himself–take more time to smell the roses, Joe!

With his strong Mars and Pluto aspects, he is willing to take risks as well
as take on the establishment. With Mars in the fixed sign of Taurus, he
won’t quit in pursuit of a goal unless he’s certain he can’t achieve it.

With the sun and ascendant in earth signs strong and a positive Saturn, he
is unusually practical. He also has compassion for those in dire straits as
Saturn, ruler of his ascendant, is in the twelfth house of those less
fortunate than oneself. With Neptune, ruling idealism, closely conjunct with
Jupiter, ruling the law and politics, he is naturally high-minded with
regard to such matters and is probably “hard on sinners,” so to speak. Had
he not chosen law and politics, his chart indicates he would have made an
excellent investigative reporter or teacher of higher education. If I had to
categorize him, I would call him “the practical idealist.”

The coming year may be difficult for him as a transiting Uranus opposes his
natal sun, creating a tense inner emotional climate in which he may have to
choose between two equally appealing goals.
Good luck, Joe!

This horoscope was calculated using the Midheaven Equal House system with
house cusps as midpoints.

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