No. 4: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

4. Keely Bosler

Keely Bosler moves into the slot once held by Ana Matosantos, and it’s a good fit. Bosler, a farm girl who grew up in the wilds of Siskiyou County, began her state career at the Legislative Analyst’s Office, which serves as lawmakers’ nonpartisan fiscal adviser. She served as Jerry Brown’s cabinet secretary, succeeding Dana Williamson; Newsom appreciated her efforts and kept her on the executive staff. Like Matosantos and Nichols, Keely brings institutional heft to her new gig and serves as a bridge between the Brown and Newsom administrations. There are surprisingly close ties between the two camps and Keely, like a number of other people on this list, has links to both. Bosler is clearly a policy wonk, which we argue is a sound characteristic in a Finance Director. California is actually rolling in dough – the state has a $21.5 billion surplus – but here’s an odd factoid: Budget fights when the state is flush tend to be just as bad as when times are tight, maybe even worse.

Updated Aug. 21, 2019

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