Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“One national GOP redistricting proposal is to draw districts based only on the numbers of U.S. citizens. Experts say this could cost California five seats after the next census. Some states would gain seats. What do you think?”

This is a subject I know something about.  No one can say it would cost us 5 seats, because no one knows how many illegals there are.  I think it will be much harder to count them this year than in the past, so I expect us to lose representation since we have so many that won’t be counted.  As to the proposal, it is clearly unconstitutional.

We ain’t giving up nothing.

Seriously?!?  The districts should have been drawn by citizen population in the first place!  If we don’t require citizenship anymore, let’s be honest and drop it from any requirement — voting, driver’s license, employment. Even elected office! Perhaps we can elect a socialist from Venezuela to the presidency. We are pretty close already!

Count everybody. Residents, too – not just citizens.

Fine idea.  The competition between incumbents would be fun to watch.

Of course not.  Another crassly and cravenly self-serving GOP idea — like DeLay’s mid-session re-redistricting in Texas, or awarding presidential electors by congressional district.  What Republicans lack in voter appeal they always try to make up for with partisan games.

Another brilliant GOP idea to help outreach efforts in to minority communities.

It is amazing that this is even a question. Of course, this should be based upon citizens only. Which states gain or lose seats is based upon population of citizens. Ask the Founding Fathers.

If dogs could be taught to lie and register to vote, the liberals would count them too. Oh yea, Acorn already does that.

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