Capitol Weekly Podcast: Paul Mitchell

Image: California Secretary of State

We’re just days away from the June 5 primary, so we’re happy to have Paul Mitchell, our go-to person for all things related to political campaign data, sit down with John Howard and Tim Foster on the Capitol Weekly Podcast to chat about  the election.

There’s a lot going on here: A fifth of the electorate has already voted by mail, and more mailed ballots are coming in all the time. A lot of millennials got signed up through the registration program at the DMV, but what impact will that have on the contests? It looks like the SF Bay Area will outperform — again — L.A., and it’s still not clear whether a gaggle of GOP congressional incumbents are really vulnerable.

And then there’s the latest voter registration figures: For the first time, independent voters — those who decline to state a party affiliation — have surpassed Republicans, pushing the GOP registrants into third place behind Democrats and those with no party preference.

Definitely, a lot to talk about.

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