Video Roundup: Pearls and swine

Gov. Schwarzenegger took to the air Monday to talk turkey. Or, rather, swine…


And while, Gild Cedillo was out stumping at American Apparel…

Fox news in Los Angeles does a piece the Assembly's resolution on the Armenian Genocide


And like it or not, to quote a phrase, something tells us we haven't seen the last of Carrie Prejean


Of course, there's only room in our heart for one beauty queen…

And yes, that even applies to Gavin Newsom, who used his first interview as a gubernatorial candidate to talk about … secession??

In other news, Darrel Steinberg takes some time to talk card check

And Steven Colbert talks about the craziest f*&$ing thing he's ever heard


Inside the beltway, conservative Glenn Beck chimes in on the FDIC/Dianne Feinstein story (the DiFi stuff starts around 1:45). Somehow, whore houses enter the conversation…

OK, normally this is a rhetorical question, but this time we really want to know: Just how stupid do you have to be?  

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