Updated: Assembly staffer busts out after amazing run at poker world series

Assembly staffer Paul Hegyi’s pocket 7s didn’t quite hold up against his oppoent’s Ace-King, sending Hegyi home from the $1,000 no-limit hold ’em tournament in 32nd place. The field began with 4,345 players.

Hegyi’s amazing run was good for a payout of $15,642.

Hegyi, chief of staff to Assemblyman Van Tran, R-Orange, fell victim to a bit of bad luck in his final hand. With only about 10 big blinds left, Hegyi moved all-in with his pocket pair, only to be called by an Ace-King. Hegyi said his opponent wound up hitting a straight on the final card, known in hold ’em as the river, sending Hegyi home after two grueling days of poker.

Now, it’s back to his day job as Tran’s top aide as the Assembly prepares to vote on hundreds of bills before this week’s house-of-origin deadline.

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