The Weekly Roundup

Thursday, Feb. 23
The Public Policy Institute of California is out with a new poll today,
finding that the governor’s approval rating has taken a dip.

Most of the governor’s drop in support was among his fellow Republicans,
according to the survey. Luckily, the guv had a chance to speak to delegates
in San Jose the following evening. The convention speech was short on red
meat, but seemed to help salve the wounds opened by Susan Kennedy’s
appointment, and the guv’s leftward tilt.

Friday, Feb. 24
As Republicans gather in San Jose, zoo officials in the Holy Land have
another problem on their hands: Let’s hope the same doesn’t hold true for
Shavit, the Giraffe Slut of Jerusalem.

“Vets at the Biblical Zoo [in Jerusalem] have a tall order–stopping a baby
boom among giraffes.” After the giraffe population tripled to nine in recent
years, outgrowing the zoo on the edge of Jerusalem, the most fertile female,
Shavit, has been put on birth control. The 5-year-old has been injected with
birth control hormones, delivered by dart, after giving birth twice in four

“Shavit has received an injection of hormones that will prevent her from
getting pregnant for at least a year. During the year, Shavit will be
monitored, and the Biblical Zoo will share its information with other zoos
around the world, including those in Berlin and San Diego.”

Saturday, Feb. 25
Tom McClintock gives his blessings and political support to the governor,
cementing the political lip-lock the two will engage in through the November
election. The convention hall in San Jose was filled with “Victory ’06
Arnold & Tom” signs, paid for by the governor’s campaign. Being dyslexics
that we are, every time we’d see these signs out of the corner of our eye,
we thought Tom Arnold was running for governor. Hey, stranger things have

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