The Weekly Roundup

Midgen pushes zinfandel, Cheney raises cash, courts OK exit exam

Thursday, May 18
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sat right down and wrote himself a letter,
pleading for a $1 increase in the state’s minimum wage. Whether anyone was
there to receive the letter is unclear since the addressee was the state’s
Industrial Welfare Commission, which has been defunded by the Legislature
for the last two years.

The guv is still opposed to Democratic legislation that would increase the
minimum wage and automatically peg future increases to upticks in the cost
of living.

Friday, May 19
Carole Migden‘s zinfandel was watered down by the state Senate. Zinfandel
will not be the official California state wine, as Migden originally had
hoped, but it is now “historic,” thanks to the state Senate. The Chronicle
reports: “The measure grants this distinction to Zinfandel because it has
grown up with California, arriving here during the Gold Rush and flourishing
in every wine-growing region in the state.”

We just want to know how much free zin Migden’s staff received during this
whole debate

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