The Weekly Roundup

Thursday, May 25
The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports Assembly candidate Jeremy Baca “is
attending court-ordered alcohol treatment classes after pleading guilty in
February to driving under the influence.”

A California Highway Patrol officer arrested Baca, 33, just after 2 a.m. on
Nov. 12, on Interstate 10 in San Bernardino. He said he was on his way home
to Rialto but would not disclose where he had been.”

“‘It’s a mistake that I made, a mistake that I am not going to make again,’
he said. ‘I am going to take that experience and [tell] others not to drink
and drive.'”

Also today, Vicente Fox came to the Capitol to speak to a joint session of
the Legislature. Seven Republican lawmakers boycotted Fox’s speech:
assemblymen Russ Bogh, Chuck DeVore, Ray Haynes; assemblywomen Mimi Walters,
Sharon Runner; and senators George Runner and Tom McClintock.

Rumor is they were home watching the American Idol finale.

Friday, May 26
From our Foie Gras files: “As if crop circles weren’t proof enough that
extraterrestrials are among us, an alien has now been found in the stomach
of a duck.”

Yes, there’s a X-ray.

“That, at least, is the conclusion reached by workers at the International
Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia (Solano County) when they viewed an
X-ray image they took of a sick mallard.”

“Right there, in the duck’s ventriculus, or gizzard, is the shocking image
of a grimacing, bald-headed being. How it got there, nobody knows, but when
an autopsy was performed after the bird died of unrelated causes, the alien
had mysteriously disappeared.”

“Ducks sometimes eat grain or even gravel and use it as a kind of internal
grinding mechanism when they are digesting food, [rescue center director
Jay] Holcomb explained. An autopsy Thursday revealed some grain in the
bird’s stomach, but nothing else out of the ordinary.”

Saturday, May 27
Juan Arambula was reinstated as chairman of the Assembly Jobs Committee,
formally being taken out of the penalty box by Speaker Fabian N

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