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We all know that Steve Maviglio has many talents. But who knew that one of them was relationship counselor? So reports Richard Stapler, former press secretary to Speaker Fabian Núñez and now spokesman for the Prop. 93 campaign, about Núñez’s deputy chief of staff. Stapler said Maviglio was “instrumental” in his early relationship with Blue Shield lobbyist Michael Mendez, which culminated in their marriage past this weekend. Stapler and Mendez met in a gym two years ago, introduced by Daniel Zingale, Maria Shriver’s chief of staff. Stapler said when his tendency toward “cold feet” started to show, it was Maviglio who sat him down for a talk. “He said, ‘Be patient, tell him how you feel, set boundaries, and go from there,’” Stapler said. “He gave excellent advice on how to nurture a healthy relationship.” Stapler said the most touching moment was probably a speech by his stepfather, Craig Lazzereschi, a born-again Christian, who spoke about the importance of commitment. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”…   our Headscratcher of the Week: The California Chamber of Commerce has taken its vote on Proposition 93. But it’s not telling. The business lobby announced its position on a host of other measures on the ballot, but “with regard to CalChamber’s position on Proposition 93, the Term Limits and Legislative Reform Act, a secret ballot was taken today and CalChamber’s official position on the measure will be announced on or before December 20.” The suspense is killing us… The Christian Science church is known for its emphasis on “spiritual healing,” and the church wants it to be part of any health care bill passed by the legislature. Church spokesman Brian Talcott said there was “a remarkable omission” from the speaker’s proposed health care bill. “Any plan that sets out to meet the health care needs of Californians must include access to spiritual care,” said Talcott in a statement Wednesday. Some Christian Scientists avoid standard medical care.
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