The Skinny

We wranglers at Capitol Weekly have always thought the best way to handle horses is to stay away from them, but others disagree – and a good thing, too. Kaitlin Perry – daughter of communications strategist and former Wilson administration official Kassy Perry, is saddling up at Texas Christian University, where she just won an NCAA award for Most Valuable Player. Kaitlin’s honor was doubly cool because this is her first season on the equestrian team, she’s already on the travel squad and she’s ranking near the top of the roster. Since she’s in Texas, naturally Kaitlin has picked up the football obsession, boosting the hopes of TCU’s team, the Horned Frogs. No football team should be known as the Horned Frogs, but we’re talking about Texas so you have to cut ‘em some slack. And when she finishes up at TCU in political science and communications, she plans to join mama’s firm. Hopefully, then she’ll take up a real California sport like badminton or beach volleyball….

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