The Skinny

With the special election looming, Democrats have dispatched their own
Hollywood types to help defeat the govenror’s initiatives. Warren Beatty,
who continues to coordinate his political media through the California
Nurses Association cut radio spots against the entire slew of initiatives,
ads which Beatty says he wrote himself! And Rob Reiner has stepped into the
special election waters, rallying votes against Prop. 75. What are we to
conclude from Reiner’s targeted involvement? Is it a thank you to the
Service Employees International Union for their support of Reiner’s June
2006 preschool initiative? Or is this an ambitious future statewide
candidate shoring up his bona fides with organized labor? Only the shadow
knows. . .While we are pondering the big questions, where would be be without
San Jose Magazine? The mag that featured a much-talked about (in Sacramento,
anyway) photo spread of Rebecca Cohn, and which taught us that the Jacuzzi
is one of the five inventions the Assemblywoman is most grateful for, makes
Sen. Liz Figueroa the covergirl this month. While Liz ducks many of the
tough questions (Q: What’s your favorite restaurant? A: Every good
restaurant is my favorite), we do learn about her take on Oprah and her most
embarrassing moment. As for Figueroa’s favorite five inventions: TV, cell
phones, electricity, the automobile and birth control. You can read
the entire interview at

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