The Skinny

Gov. Schwarzenegger has started his outreach program to California Latinos,
but he seems to have lost the support of at least one. We first noticed the
omission on the governor’s list of supporters he’s dubbing “Hispanic
Families for Arnold.” Conspicuously absent was Sen. Abel Maldonado, the
legislative jockey for the governor’s minimum-wage proposal earlier this
year. Leaving Maldonado off the list was curious, but faster than we could
ask, ‘Why?’ we got our answer, thanks to the L.A. Times. In an interview
with the paper, which was “requested by his staff,” Maldonado “questioned
the governor’s loyalty to Latinos.” “Our governor cares about one thing
only, and that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger,” he told the Times. Apparently
there’s some bad blood from Schwarzenegger’s non-endorsement of Maldonado
for his failed primary run, against conservative Tony Strickland, for state

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